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Il Fontego

A historic palace overlooking the Prealps

Il Fontego’s original unit dates back to the 16th century. This magnificent house anticipates the sophistication and beauty you will find in Borgo Valbelluna Mel, the historical village that houses it.

Embedded in the buildings of what is now Corso XXXI Ottobre and once called Villa Migliorini, after the family who owned it, it was built to emulate a nobleness projected towards culture and humanism influenced by the Feudi Veneziani (Venetian lands owned by noblemen), particularly those of the Zorzi in the County of Zumelle, and by the deep Venetian culture.

Il Fontego is the calling card for those who are about to reach the centre of Borgo Valbelluna Mel.

Inside the villa is an explosion of synthetic pictorial-ductus paintings. When you walk in, you immediately feel the prestige of the palace, with frescos and decorations on walls and ceilings – refined sceneries designed to astound the guest.

On the back of the building are cozy rooms which face the Palladian-inspired courtyard, where you can see and be charmed by a big still-functioning oven of the 1500s.

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Il Fontego
corso XXXI ottobre, 6
32026 Borgo Valbelluna Mel (Belluno)
Tel. 347 7906249 (Italy)
Tel. 349 5650412 (Other states)