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Mountain holidays with children

What is the best destination for an holidays with children? The Dolomites of course, here you can find amazing and unique nature paths and, above all, many child-friendly activities and attractions.

Belluno, Pre-Alps and Dolomites offer, in the summer-time, many recreational and amusement opportunities for children like, for example, the teaching farms. In a healthy and monitored environment, kids will meet cows, horses, pigs, chickens and rabbits, learn how to make bread, biscuits, pasta and appreciate natural food.

Is your kid a new Indiana Jones? Don’t worry, Belluno offers some adventure playgrounds perfect for him such as Nevegal Adventure Park or Cortina Adrenalin Center. The first offers two paths (children, kids/adults) equipped with Tibetan bridges, steel lines, pulleys, lianas and platforms at 10 or 8 metres from the ground. The Cortina adventure playground has lianas, Tibetan bridges, nets, ropes, horizontal ladders, oscillating snubs and clamps that create a perfect series of adventure, play and thrill. The paths, with different levels of difficulty and lenght, are able to satisfy every age, taste and ability. 

This territory offers the best activities for the whole family even in the wintertime. Children, indeed, can learn to skiing due to specific courses or pass the time at the Baby Fun Park in the Nevegal ski resort equipped with facilities that help a proactive approach to snow.

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